The medium may change from project to project, but the elements of good storytelling stem from answers to fundamental questions: What’s the objective? Who’s the audience? What are we communicating? What is the overall visual personality? At Pixel1080, the answers to these questions point us in the right direction to enable us to create the story with authority, clarity and unswerving attention to detail. 

Working with you, we can:

  • Develop new content or branding strategies
  • Refresh existing corporate identity programs
  • User experience design, including instructional and interactive
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PIXEL1080 was created as a full-service production company where storytelling and cutting edge production techniques go hand-in-hand with success. How will your story reach your audience? Video. Radio. TV. Online. Digital media. Animated explainer. Documentary. Training. Corporate. Event video. Live event. Education. Meeting. LMS Development. Whiteboard video. Interactive Kiosk. PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Or any combination thereof. We help with strategic planning and creative thinking. 


We bring top on-camera talent, hire experienced crews, shoot, broadcast; on schedule and on budget, for the highest quality video production services available.


Back at PIXEL1080 every edit suite offers: HD, 4K, ingesting, transcoding, color grading, rendering, animation, 2D, 3D, 360° VR editing, kinetic typography, design, motion graphics, layers, overlays, audio mixing, exporting, uploading, mastering.

But....Design and technology without real content is just garnish. Capturing the precise moment, the right rhythm, the perfect soundtrack are the trademark of a great editor. The gift of storytelling. To cause reaction. To inspire action.  We finish the job with our in-house editing, motion graphics design, sound mix, mastering and turn out a finalized package that you will be proud to showcase.