We traveled to Guatemala this year to capture footage and tell stories of sustainablity using micro loans. Our client was BFB's Chris Burns-Fazzi.

The BFB Foundation offers young women in developing countries educational support, personal and professional mentoring, and the chance to gain an understanding of and appreciation for the value of spreading positive opportunities. 

As women learn life and leadership skills and receive the support they need to build self-assurance and self-reliance, they begin to realize their own worth and potential. They become agents of positive and lasting change, both locally and globally.

We interviews 3 ladies who were growing coffee along with bringing up families and feeding them. The 3 mujuers and they grow coffee with a coop called De La Gente coffee. The goals of the women were to save money to put the children through higher level education


Richie making friends.

Richie making friends.

Another group we interviewed were some native Mayan weavers who live along Lake Atitlan in the middle of the country up in the mountains. They were bringing back native skills and patterns into the garments. some of the outcomes were their ability to partner and learn business skills, internet marketing and collaboration as a group to sell independently.

My takeaway from the trip was one of inspiration, beauty and witnessing some incredible people who had abilities with minimal loans to achieve a great success and opportunities for their families and their communities.